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Atos Takes Quantum Simulator to Next Level with Atos QLM E

By IQT News posted 26 Jun 2020

(GroundAlerts) Atos has expanded its quantum solutions portfolio by offering Atos QLM E (Atos QLM Enhanced), the world’s best performing commercially available quantum simulator, with a new range of accelerated GPUs for its Atos Quantum Learning Machine.
Sources cite that with computer speed of up to 12 times higher, Atos QLM E paves the way for the first intermediate quantum computer to be commercially available in the next few years for an optimized digital quantity simulation (NISQ-Noisy Intermediate Quantum). NISQ devices will be important in determining the commercial potential of quantum computing.
The Atos QLM E has been designed to incorporate the V100S PCIe GPUs of NVIDIA to substantially decrease the simulation time of traditional hybrid-quantum simulations and thus allow faster progress in application testing. Researchers, students, and engineers will use some of the promising variational algorithms such as VQE and QAOA to explore further models to promote new drug discovery, address pollution with innovative materials or better climate change anticipation and severe weather phenomena, etc.
Atos QLM E is available in six configurations, ranging between 2 and 32 NVIDIA V100S PCIe GCUs. Customers of Atos QLM have the right to upgrade at any time to Atos QLM E.

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