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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) To Be Accelerated by Quantum Computing

(CampaignAsia) Quantum computing is one of top technology trends that emerged from CES according to Ravi Ganesh. He tired the trends we see emerging in AI to upcoming advancements in quantum computing.
Ganesh explained that “Today AI is everywhere and is driving powerful algorithms which can recognise any pattern. We are also seeing instances where AI has transcended its own boundaries”. He reports a shift from AI to artificial general intelligence (AGI)—where machines have the capability to go beyond pattern recognition to be able to process a lot more. AGI will be accelerated with advancements in quantum computing, which will revolutionise modern era computing. Recently, Google’s Sycamore processor conducted the largest chemical simulation on a quantum computer to date. However, the advent of quantum computing also poses cybersecurity risks. Microsoft’s Brad Smith highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in his keynote at the CES. With the emergence of machines powered by AGI and quantum computing, the next decade will see science fiction movies becoming a reality.
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