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Arqit and Centricus Announce Closing of Business Combination; Trading on Nasdaq Commences Sept 7, 2021 Under “ARQQ”

(BusinessWire) (“Arqit”), a leader in quantum encryption technology, has announced the completion of its business combination with Centricus Acquisition Corp. (“Centricus”), a special purpose acquisition company. The business combination was approved at the extraordinary general meeting of Centricus’ shareholders on August 31, 2021 and closed September 3, 2021.
The combined company will retain the name Arqit Quantum Inc. Beginning on September 7, 2021, Arqit’s ordinary shares and warrants will trade on Nasdaq under the ticker symbols “ARQQ” and “ARQQW”, respectively.
David Williams, Arqit Founder and Chief Executive Officer, stated: “Arqit has an important task ahead to protect the data of our government, enterprises and customers. We are certain that we invented the most important cyber security technology of the era. Our QuantumCloud™ software, already launched this month to the first 20 customers, will run very efficiently and fast on virtually any device, creating keys which are zero trust and secure against all computational attacks. When we upgrade the system in two years’ time with the launch of quantum satellites, the entire system also becomes fully quantum safe. It is overwhelmingly evident that the world needs stronger, simpler encryption. The completion of this transaction will enable Arqit now to fulfil its mission. We have raised cash equal to approximately twice of the funding requirement of the business, so our destiny is in our own hands. The board of Arqit Quantum Inc. expresses its thanks for the support of its new investors and the team at Centricus and the adviser group who have executed this transition with great care and effectiveness.”
“We are incredibly excited to complete our business combination with Arqit. As a public company, Arqit will now have the platform to fully execute against its vision, further accelerate its commercial programs and establish itself as a leader in the encryption space. I look forward to continuing to support the company as a member of the board and helping to make Arqit’s vision of ensuring a safer environment for businesses and people a reality,” said Garth Ritchie, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Centricus.

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