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Archer Materials’ Business Strategy Covers Growth Stages of Materials Lifecycle

(ProactiveInvestors) Archer Materials Ltd is a materials technology company with business streams across integrated parts of the materials life cycle.
Chief executive officer Dr Mohammad Choucair said the company’s strategy involved several commercial pathways from securing the supply side, discovering new materials and applying them in quantum technology.
He said: “Materials are the tangible physical basis of all technology and our strategy covers exploration, tech development, processing materials and delivering materials because all these commercial pathways are on the materials lifecycle.
In the next 18 months to two years, the company is also focused on advancing its quantum computing business unit.Choucair said: “You can focus on the next-generation technology you want but if you don’t build it and show it works no one is going to believe you. With our quantum computing stream, we have delivered. We brought in the IP and we have exclusively licensed the IP that’s associated with the technology, and we’re building the chip.”

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