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Analytics India’s List of Major Quantum Computing Projects & Innovations Of 2020

(AnalyticsIndia) The pace of experimentation in quantum computing has very naturally increased in recent years. 2020 too saw its share of such breakthroughs, which lays the groundwork for future innovations. Analytics India lists some of the significant quantum computing projects and experiments of 2020.

Atos Develops Q-Score To Assess Quantum Performance
IT services company Atos devised Q-Score for measuring quantum performance. As per the company, this is the first universal quantum metric that applies to all programmable quantum processors.

Largest-Ever Chemical Experiment For Quantum Computing
Google’s AI Quantum team performed the largest chemical simulation, to date, on a quantum computer.

Algorithm To Characterise Noise In Quantum Computers
The University of Sydney developed an algorithm for characterising noise in large scale quantum computers. Noise is one of the major obstacles in building quantum computers. With this newly developed algorithm, they have tried to tame the noise by reducing interference and instability.

Commercialised Quantum Computing
Canadian quantum computing D-Wave Systems announced the general availability of its next-generation quantum computing platform. The platform is now available in the Leap quantum cloud service and has additions such as Advantage quantum system with 5000 qubits and 15-way qubit connectivity.

Majorana Fermions
Physicists at MIT reported evidence of Majorana fermions on the surface of gold. Majorana fermions are particles that are theoretically their own antiparticle; it is the first time these have been observed on metal as common as gold.

Intel Introduced Horse Ridge II
In December, Intel introduced Horse Ridge II. It is the second generation of its cryogenic control chip, considered a milestone towards developing scalable quantum computers.

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