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Alpha Blue Ocean Partners With Quantonation to Pioneer Investments Dedicated to Quantum Technologies

(BusinessWire) The Alpha Blue Ocean Family Office is continuing its pioneering and innovative approach to finance by forming a special partnership with Quantonation, an investment fund dedicated to quantum technologies.
Quantonation is a major player in the industrial and financial revolution focussed on quantum technologies, and with 12 quantum companies in its portfolio, the company is forging a position as a world leader in the sector.
With a focus on initiatives that contribute to the betterment of the world of the future, and in full alignment with its latest investments, Alpha Blue Ocean and Pierre Vannineuse have invested one million euros with the founders of Quantonation, Charles Beigbeder, Christophe Jurczak and Olivier Tonneau, who have just completed an initial closing of €20 million.
For Pierre Vannineuse, founder of Alpha Blue Ocean, “It made sense for us to join a project at the cutting edge of financial, technological and industrial innovation. It’s part of our DNA. In this instance, quantum technology offers great investment potential and constitutes a major priority for the coming years, alongside medtech and biotech companies.”

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