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Allosteric, Polarisqb join to use quantum, AI to address aging, longevity

Polaris Quantum Biotech (Polarisqb), a company we last saw working on drug discovery for cancer therapies, has gained another new partner–and investor–in the form of Allosteric Bioscience, a company that is exploring the integration quantum computing and artificial intelligence with various biomedical sciences to create improved treatments for aging, longevity and aging-related diseases.

The agreement between the two companies is “supported by an equity investment in Polarisqb,” according to a statement on Polarisqb’s website. However, when contacted by IQT, Arthur Bollon, president and co-founder of Allosteric, said he could not reveal further details about the amount or nature of the investment.

Regarding his company’s own efforts and the partnership with Polarisqb, he said via email that Allosteric uses a proprietary platform called QAB for implementing its integration of quantum, AI and biomedical sciences. 

He added, “Allosteric Bioscience is also using two Aging and Longevity platforms, ‘ALT’ for Aging Longevity Targets involved in the Aging and Longevity process and ‘ALM’ for Aging Longevity Modulators which can control the levels of the targets, and have the potential for regulating and improving the Aging and Longevity process. An Aging lead ‘ABI 11’ has been identified, and jointly with Polaris we are using Quantum Computing and AI for creation of modulators for this lead. Other Aging and Longevity leads and Aging related disease leads are under analysis.”  

Polarisqb’s Tachyon platform is part of the program. The companies are aiming to create an inhibitor of a key protein involved in human aging. Their goal is to significantly improve the normal human aging and longevity process by enabling the creation of drugs that have been difficult to generate in the past without quantum and AI.

Shahar Keinan, CEO and co-founder of Polarisqb, stated, “Quantum Computing technology is coming of age, allowing us to revolutionize drug discovery timelines and budgets, while improving the overall profile of the designed drugs. We are excited about the joint program with Allosteric tackling Aging and Longevity using Polarisqb‘s Tachyon platform. The application of Quantum Computers to solving these complex questions is truly extraordinary.”

The agreement with Allosteric comes about a month after Polarisqb announced a partnership with Phoremost around drug discovery for cancer therapies.

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