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Aliro Quantum to Introduce Two New Quantum Simulation Products

(Finance.Yahoo) Aliro Quantum, the distributed quantum computing cloud platform, is bringing to market two new quantum simulation products with superior usability and accuracy to help quantum R&D departments significantly reduce the time and budget associated with distributed quantum computing development:
Aliro™ Q.Compute (AQC) is a hardware-independent quantum computing development environment with an intuitive UX, access to a variety of quantum computing backends, and a robust set of optimization schemes. AQC’s noise-expert compiler makes the necessary transformations to quantum circuits, freeing quantum R&D teams of constraint considerations and costly suboptimal hardware choices.
Aliro™ Q.Network (AQN) is a quantum network simulator that assists in each step of building near-term quantum networks: creating a network architecture, optimizing network protocols, modeling control schemes, and running applications. AQN helps customers visualize performance and resource estimations, rapidly unlocking their optimal network.
“The quantum internet will enable transformative applications with wide-ranging societal impacts, including physics-based secure communications, ultra-precise long-baseline astronomy, and advances in medical imaging,” said Aliro Quantum CTO Prineha Narang, PhD. “But to build these networks, telecom and government organizations have an immediate need for accurate simulation and emulation tools. Aliro is proud to unveil pioneering research and simulation products, significant milestones on our mission to make quantum technologies accessible with a write-once-run-anywhere cloud platform.”
Aliro was born out of the NarangLab at Harvard University and now an Air Force Research Lab funding recipient.

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