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Alhambra IT announces QuantumPath Platform (QPath) subscriptions to: Free Developer, Developer, Business & Enterprise

(PersiaDigest) Alhambra IT’s  Department of Quantum Software Engineering recently made available to the public, online, the possibility to obtain a subscription to use the QuantumPath Platform (QPath) as a customer in one of four specific methods: Free Developer, Developer, Business and Enterprise.

The Free Developer method gives the opportunity to test the platform for free. In this way, aQuantum becomes the first publisher of a quantum software development platform, which aims to produce hybrid solutions, to give free access to its product in test mode. The platform facilitates the development of high-quality quantum algorithms and software, making it accessible to research institutes, universities, and companies.

QPath is a platform for developing, integrating and exploiting quantum software, which allows the integration of the world of classical applications and the world of software running on different types of current quantum computers (qSOA). QPath accelerates the construction of connected systems in the real world, freeing users from the technical complexity of the quantum world.

The platform provides a graphical development environment that makes it easy for programmers to create their own algorithms, and to manage the full lifecycle of each application. Through its interfaces, QPath also provides easy access to quantum machines supplied by manufacturers. (IBM, D-Wave, Fujitsu, QuTECH, AWS Braket) and simulators (Qiskit, Ocean, Braket MS QDK).  QPath enables quantitative software running on annealing and gate technologies to be combined into a single hybrid process, as well as being integrated into traditional software. QPath enables quantum computing to be applied in a variety of fields, including finance, cybersecurity, and complex research.

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