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AlgoDynamix Unveils New Quantum Computing Capabilities to Provide Advance Warning of Major Directional Market Movements

(CambridgeIndependent) AlgoDynamix has unveiled new quantum computing capabilities that it says represent a world first in behavioural forecasting for financial analytics.
Based at Eagle Labs in Cambridge, AlgoDynamix’ forecasting analytics provide advance warning of major directional market movements hours or even days in advance using machine learning.
Rather than using historical data or knowledge of previous disruptive events, like other solutions, the company uses deep data agent-based algorithms to scan behaviour of buyers and sellers in real-time.
AlgoDynamix, which is shortlisted for AI Company of the Year at the 2020 Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards, was able to offer advance warning of market movements surrounding the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and US election, for example.
The new service has been offered as a no-cost upgrade for its premium-level clients, who include investment banks and asset managers.
Analytics alert flags are sent to clients via email, browser or an optional API and now feature new functions – including key FX and FX treasury forecasting capabilities.
Offered as a cloud-based service using technology provided by D-Wave Systems, it means calculations will be up to 10,000 times faster and enable additional functionality.
The software as a service-based analytics do not require client supplied data, meaning AlgoDynamix can bring new clients on board in less than 24 hours without any disruption to existing systems.
Very recent examples of the forecasting analytics – around US elections time, and the start of the Covid pandemic – are shown with the AlgoDynamix analytics providing advance warning of major directional market movements
AlgoDynamix’ analytics cover most asset classes, including equities, commodities, fixed income, currencies and ESG investments.

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