Inside Quantum Technology

Alan Meckler Live on @BloombergRadio Wednesday at 1145am EST to Discuss @InQuantumTech & IQT Europe

(IQT) Alan Meckler will be live on @BloombergRadio Wednesday, November 18 at 1145am eastern to discuss @InQuantumTech including the recent IQT Europe 2020  event which included 70 speakers and featured sponsor @Toshiba. #QuantumComputing #cryptography.
Meckler is Managing Partner  of @AsimovVC  and CEO of 3DR Holdings, LLC.  3DR Holdings and QuTech are Co-Producers of the Inside Quantum Technology event series. In an earlier interview with co-hosts of “Bloomberg Markets” about the IQT series, Dr. Meckler explained that he has been “good at spotting trends and doing shows on those trends.”
Alan M. Meckler, Ph.D. was one of the first media professionals to spot the potential of the commercial Internet (1990). He launched INTERNET WORLD magazine and a trade show by the same name in 1993. These properties were sold for $274 million in cash in 1998. He created the trade show Search Engine Strategies in 2000. This was sold in 2006 for $47 million. He purchased JupiterResearch out of bankruptcy and later sold it for a 5000 percent return. Presently he is Chairman and CEO which offers tech news sites, events, and research in the fields of additive manufacturing and quantum technology. Meckler is also managing member of, which invests in start-ups in the 3D printing, Robotics and Blockchain fields. Meckler has Ph.D. in American history from Columbia University, has written several books and been published in The New Yorker. He served in the U.S. Army Reserve and New York Air National Guard (1969-1975).
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