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Airbus CTO Overseeing Quantum Computing Challenge for Aerospace Industry

(WallStreetJournal) Grazia Vittadini, chief technology officer for Airbus, recently explained that Airbus SE is expanding its years long quantum computing research effort by seeking help from outside experts on tough flight physics problems. In an interview with the WSJ, Vittadini said,  “We are convinced that quantum technologies and specifically quantum computing do represent a breakthrough for different industries, including our own.”  She added it could take about 10 years to bring quantum computing to everyday applications.
Ms. Vittadini will oversee a quantum computing challenge in which academics, startups and other quantum science experts can submit proposals for solving five complex flight-physics problems. One of the challenges involves finding ways to save fuel by optimizing planes’ climb and descent routes. A quantum computer could consider parameters such as weather and tailwind at every point during a flight to suggest the best course, Ms. Vittadini said.
Click here for IQT’s January 23 article with details about the criteria for the Airbus quantum computing challenge and the website hosting the challenge.

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