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Airbus Already Using Quantum Computing Capabilities

( Airbus is making a strategic play, directing quantum investment and research into its domain and setting the groundwork for larger quantum computing applications as the technology and hardware catch up. The European aerospace company, is already using quantum computing capabilities for route optimization and satellite imagery, but looking to extend quantum technology to other domains that affect the company’s business, from design and operations to revenue.
Airbus was an early, big investor in QC Ware, a software company linking enterprises to quantum computing; a 2016 investment in the startup was the company’s first major step into quantum computing. Airbus’ first quantum computing project used a D-Wave 2000Q machine for a project demonstrated the potential of quantum annealing and fault tree analyses for managing system failures.
The recently announced Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge is a example of the company’s strategic play and planned investment into quantum computing.

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