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Air Liquide Acquires 80% of Cryoconcept with Dilution Refrigeration Technology Promising to Support Quantum Computers

(AirLiquide.News) Air Liquide has acquired 80% of the capital of the French company Cryoconcept, which specialises in dilution refrigeration – a technology allowing to reach very low temperatures. This transaction enables Air Liquide to strengthen its expertise in the field of extreme, or close to absolute zero, cryogenics, to propose a broader offer and accelerate the development of Cryoconcept’s activities.
Cryoconcept’s unique technology makes it possible to reach temperatures below 10 milliKelvin (close to absolute zero, i.e. -273.14 °C), is essential for fundamental physical research in fields as varied as the detection of dark matter or microscopes to explore the infinitely small. It also appears particularly promising to support ongoing research projects on quantum computers.

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