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Air Force Set Sights on Crafting Comprehensive Strategy to Drive Pursuits in Quantum Information Science

( The Air Force set sights on crafting a comprehensive strategy to drive its pursuits of quantum information science—and aims to partner with a proven player in the realm of quantum development that can provide connections and insight to help steer its creation.
To develop its ultimate QIS strategy, the Air Force research lab is on the lookout for partners with “experience leading multiple technology efforts, including experience in public and private technology development, marketing, product development, fabrication, testing and a strong management background with a proven record of success,” according to the RFI, which adds that they also need a “proven track record of multiple major accomplishments that has significantly impacted the quantum development sector.”
The Pentagon currently boasts a range of quantum efforts enveloping a strategic, but decidedly shorter-term focus. An array of those, including the development of an integrated photonics processor, are headed by the Air Force Research Lab, where officials in June also awarded more than $5 million to 23 small businesses during a first-of-its-kind virtual quantum pitch event. At the time, the director of the lab’s information directorate also acknowledged plans to soon open a Quantum Innovation Center of Excellence in New York.

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