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AI & Quantum Computing Will Be Most Impactful Next-Generation Technologies in Defense

(Army-TechnologyNews) Technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and 3D printing are expected to change the course of combat and warfare in the future.
Analysis of a recent Verdict poll results shows that AI and quantum computing will be the most effective next-gen technologies in the armed forces, as opined by 31% of the respondents, each. Further, 15% of the respondents opined nanomaterials to be the most impactful, followed by sixth-generation aircraft (12%) , and 3D printing (11%).
The analysis is based on 251 responses received from the readers of Airforce Technology, Army Technology and Naval Technology, Verdict’s defence sites, between 08 March and 26 April 2021.
Quantum computing will be able to enable armies to tackle extreme complex situations in the war zone. It can help in solving multiple problems simultaneously and provide the best course of action. AI technology is currently being tested by the US military and will be adapted for safeguarding harbours and hunting down submarines.

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