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AI and Quantum Computers Like a Match Made in Heaven

(Edgy-App) AI needs processing power that current computers can’t provide but quantum computers could pick up the slack. Quantum computing and AI aren’t just two parallel research fields that happen to meet somewhere. They’re more like a match made in heaven.
Big Data is the nexus between AI and quantum computers. The former needs data and lots of it to learn and improve its intelligence. The latter are well-equipped to deal with huge swaths of data in a time-efficient manner. Simply put, an AI system is an algorithm or software that runs on a computer. The more powerful the computer at digesting data, the more room for AI to grow.
Quantum computing enlarges the scope of what’s already possible with machine learning. Quantum Machine Learning (QML) is an emerging interdisciplinary research field, which aims to bring quantum physics advantages to improve classical machine learning. While there’s a lot of applied research on AI, most of the quantum physics developments remain mostly theoretical.
Financial modeling, weather forecasting, chemical simulations, and quantum cryptography are just a few examples of the areas that quantum AI would revolutionize.

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