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Agnostiq Selected for Partnering by Fields Institute Centre

(TheVarsityCA) Agnostiq, an enteprise security company enabling users to store data over a quantum cloud, was one of the companies selected for partnering by the Fields Institute Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling. Agnostiq builds software solutions that enable users to experiment with quantum processors over the cloud, without compromising the privacy of their data or algorithms.
Agnostiq Helps Company Prevent Security Losses in Cloud
Companies gain a computational advantage by sending workloads to the cloud, but “lose out on security.” Agnostiq creates another layer of encryption in order to allow users to work with their data to ensure that “nobody can listen in or understand what you’re doing.”
Quantum computing can be considered the next stage of innovation in computing. In classical computing, information is stored in bits — the smallest unit of data in a computer — that are represented as one of two binary states.On the other hand, quantum computers store information as quantum bits, which allows information to be represented in an infinite number of states. This means that quantum computers can perform extremely complex calculations, which classical computers would not be able to execute, and even break encryption.

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