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Adva Playing Key Role in Optical Quantum Communications

( Adva has announced that some of its key platforms will play a significant role in the European OPENQKD project quantum optical communications project.
Using the capabilities of its ConnectGuard technology, in the FSP 3000 and FSP 150 systems, the Munich-headquartered company will provide optical and Ethernet encryptors as well as open line systems for multiple testbed locations, the company said this week.
Funded by the European Commission, OPENQKD is intended to develop and trial a secure communication network across Europe based on quantum key distribution (QKD). Further information is available on the EC Cordis website.
Helmut Grießer, director, advanced technology at Adva, commented, “With participants from the public and private sector, this ambitious project will help maintain Europe’s role as a quantum technology leader. It’s all about working together to create the next generation of secure networks and protecting those most at risk from cyberattacks”.
“Whether in telecoms or government networks, quantum hacking puts the long-term security of sensitive data at risk. Our ConnectGuard encryption technology protects both service providers and enterprise networks while maximising capacity and offering the lowest latency. In OPENQKD.”

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