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Adequate Government Investment to Develop Quantum Tech Could Cost $10 Billion Says GAO Report

( Quantum technology could support innovation in a myriad of industries but will require significant investment across several economic sectors, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.
The report examines where more funding is required to catalyze the implementation and development of quantum technology, specifically quantum computing, as well as the opportunities and drawbacks that come with increased investment.

IQT-News: GAO Spotlights Quantum Technologies

“The report finds that future quantum computers could outperform regular computers in some tasks, such as simulating chemical interactions for drug development and other purposes,” said Karen Howard, the GAO’s Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics team director. “However, getting there likely requires navigating a complex supply chain, developing the workforce, and investing billions of additional dollars.”
Quantum computing demands different hardware and software than its mainstream counterparts—and that requires significant investments. Per one estimate cited in the report, adequate government investment in quantum technology deployment could cost up to $10 billion.

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