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Abu Dhabi Set to Zoom Past Supercomputers with UAE’s Own Quantum Computer

(Mashable) Abu Dhabi has entered the fray to set up UAE’s first quantum computer.
The mega device will be installed at the Emirati capital’s Technology Innovation Institute, which is already home to breakthrough’s like the country’s first crypto library. Having such a powerful platform for data processing will significantly speed up research on medicines, chemicals and AI in the region.
UAE’s journey to speed up complex calculations has already started with homegrown quantum chips on track to arrive halfway into the year. The lab will be set up at TII, which has already provided space for major tech feats like development of superfast transport system hyperloop.
Abu Dhabi is entering a quantum computing race already underway between tech titans IBM and Google, with the latter claiming that it has built one which is 100 million times faster than existing computers. In the wake of China’s claims of beating Google with a computer 10 billion times faster than classic machines,

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