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54% of CISOs Worried Quantum Computing Will Outpace Security Technology

(ComputerWeekly) A majority of CIOs (54%) are now worried that quantum computing will outpace the development of security technology, creating risks and threats.
The study of CISOs and other security pros was conducted by the Neustar International Security Council (NISC). It found that 73% expected advances in quantum to overcome legacy technology by the end of 2024. A total of 93% believed that quantum computers, when they become achievable, will “overwhelm” security technology. Just 7% said that true quantum supremacy won’t ever happen.
A majority also said their organisations were paying close attention to quantum computing – in fact, just over 20% said they were already experimenting with their own strategies.
Warnings over the possible security implications of quantum computing deployed as a threat vector have been circulating for some time now, and many security researchers are already hard at work addressing the problem.

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