Inside Quantum Technology

5 Years Until Enterprise Quantum–But Begin Preparing Now

(VentureBeat) With enterprise quantum applications expected to arrive in as few as five years, it is important for businesses to begin preparing now by developing a business and IT strategy that enables quantum innovation at speed and scale.
To date, the majority of companies that have begun exploring quantum computing have conducted niche R&D in lab settings. However, companies that explore opportunities for quantum in their current business processes stand to benefit the most in terms of business readiness.

Here are four critical steps companies should take to ensure their quantum planning and experimentation is a success
1. Learn what quantum can do and decide where it applies to your business
2. Build a quantum innovation roadmap
3. Evaluate quantum hardware and software and start experimenting
4. Find or develop quantum talent

Quantum computing is well on its way. When it arrives, it will catalyze a sudden and rapid shift and bring new disruption to the competitive landscape. It’s therefore crucial that you prepare your business strategy now and take advantage of the growth potential quantum will provide as it matures.

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