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2018 Guest Column by IBM’s New CEO Arvind Krishna Predicts “. . Practical Future of Quantum Computing Closer Than We Think”

By IQT News posted 06 Feb 2020

India’s Business Insider Today shares a guest column about quantum computing written by IBM’s new CEO Arvind Krishna in 2018. Arvind Krishna explained in that article why practical future of quantum computing is closer than we think. He wrote “Quantum computing must also be ubiquitous in classroom. From computer science courses to chemistry and business classes, today’s students need to understand the technology, and hopefully pursue career paths rooted in quantum computing.”
Here’s what he said about Quantum’s potential: “At their most basic, quantum computers process information in a completely different way than classical computers. Instead of classical bits, binary zeros and ones that work one after another, the principles of quantum mechanics give quantum bits (or qubits) exponential compute power. Qubits can represent zeros and ones simultaneously, and they use this “superposition” capability to work together to solve problems,” he wrote. “Because they’re able to exist in more than one state at a time, qubits supercharge the output quantum computers can generate – enabling us to run experiments more efficiently. This could lead to everything from quantum chemistry that drives drug discovery breakthroughs, to quantum algorithms that optimize global manufacturing supply chains,” he believed.

NOTE:  IBM’s Dr. Robert Sutor, VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development, will keynote the upcoming IQT Event in NYC. IBM is a Diamond Sponsor of the IQT Event as well.

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