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12 Important & Surprising Quantum Tech Achievements in 2019

(LiveScience) Quantum experiments went to new and even stranger places and practical quantum computing inched ever closer to reality in 2019, despite some controversies. These were the most important quantum achievements of 2019.
1) Google claims “quantum supremacy”;
2) The kilogram goes quantum;
3) Reality broke a little;
4) Entanglement got its glamour shot;
5) Something big went in multiple directions;
6) Heat crossed the vacuum;
7) Cause and effect might have gone backward;
8) Quantum tunneling cracked;
9) Metallic hydrogen may have appeared on Earth;
10) We beheld the quantum turtle:
11) A tiny quantum computer turned back time;
12) Another quantum computer saw 16 futures.
NOTE: These 12 phrases are provocative. You will want to read the scientific description of each in the source article.

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