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10 European Startups in Quantum Tech Profiled

(EU-Startups) Author Mary Loritz writes that over 50 recently founded European quantum tech startups have been identified. It’s still too early to call any winners, but this article provides a representative sample of ten more European teams on the starting line. Each of these 10 companies has a brief description and the location of the company.
1)Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited (CQC): Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited (CQC), founded in 2014, is the most mature startup on this list. Given the many different ways in which quantum computers can be implemented and the uncertainty over which technical approach will prevail, CQC develops “architecture-agnostic” quantum software. Among its products are t|ket>, its architecture-independent quantum compiler; Eumen, its quantum chemistry platform; Quantum ML, its quantum machine learning framework; and Ironbridge, its quantum cybersecurity device. CQC has raised $18.8 million to date.
2) IQM Finland
4) Phase Space Computing
5) Q-Lion
6) HQS Quantum Simulations
7) Quandela
8) Kiutra GTN (Generative Tensorial Networks)
10) Q-Lion
This summary includes only the information furnished for the first of the ten companies, or IQM Finland. Each startup is described in terms of its mission, and location. Readers who are interested in the additional summaries are invited to ciick on the source link. The original article does not include why these ten were selected out of the field of 50 teams “on the starting line.”

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