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1.5 Million AUD Funding Secured for Australian Quantum Science and Technology Research Projects

( Two quantum science and technology projects are commencing in Australia, thanks to 1.5 million AUD in funding from an initiative of the New South Wales (NSW) Defence Innovation Network (DIN). The pair of projects includes an investigation into the use of bright-source single-photon emitters with applications in distributed quantum keys to develop secure communications.
“These projects are tasked with developing two game-changing prototypes with encapsulated quantum devices within a 24-month time frame,” said NSW’s chief scientist and engineer, professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte.
The collaborations will connect Australian defense and industry with DIN member universities. In addition to teams from the seven DIN member institutions, multidisciplinary industry professionals, as well as those from NSW universities outside the DIN, will lead the projects. A second proposal seeks to support the development of quantum technologies to provide navigation and timing capabilities in the absence of GPS.

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