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01 Communique Partners With ixFintech and Polydigi Tech in Implementing Post-Quantum Cybersecurity to Digital E-Wallet

(MorningStarNews) 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. one of the first-to-market, enterprise level cybersecurity providers for the quantum computing era, has announced its collaboration with ixFintech and Polydigi Tech to augment the security and protection of ixWallet against mounting cyber-threats.
01 Communique Laboratory Inc.has worked closely with ixFintech in implementing its post-quantum cybersecurity technology to a decentralized digital e-wallet which allows users to store, manage and transfer their digital currencies like Bitcoin.
“We are delighted and very honoured to work with two technology leaders to deliver a complete e-wallet security solution to protect our customers’ valuable digital assets. In addition, this will help us to prepare for the upcoming regulatory requirements on digital ID Framework and post quantum cryptography standards. The augmented ixWallet will be the enabler to further expand our digital assets businesses according to our strategic plan”, said Irene Wong, the founder and CEO of ixFintech.
Andrew Cheung, President and CEO of 01 Communique, commented, “Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now under close scrutiny especially for their end-point infrastructure. We welcome ixFintech’s leading industry foresight to adopt our IronCAP technology to protect valuable digital assets not only today but also in the fast-approaching quantum era.”

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